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Cox's Bazar : The Longest Beach in the World

The Longest Beach in the World

Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world. The most interesting place on this island is Cox's Bazar. It is the longest tourist destination in the world and in Bangladesh. Every year there is a crowd of domestic and foreign tourists. Cox's Bazar actually offers endless opportunities to see mountains, sea, rivers and plains at the same time. Standing on this beach is a magnificent view of the sunset. At present, efforts are being made to develop Cox's Bazar as an international standard tourist city. Which will play an important role in the economy of Bangladesh.

The Cox's Bazar Beach is the world's longest sea beach ever.  

This Bangladesh is our green land of amazing beauty. Beaches are considered to be one of the elements of this beauty. Notable beaches in the country are Cox's Bazar and Inani, Kuakata in Patuakhali district and Patenga in Chittagong district. Among them, Cox's Bazar beach is the longest natural beach in the world. The length of Cox's Bazar beach is 120 km. One of its features is that the whole beach is sandy. No existence of mud is found.

Location of the Cox's Bazar Beach

Cox's Bazar is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, about 155 km south of the port city of Chittagong. It is a district town. Cox's Bazar is the longest beach in the world located in this city. It stretches for 120 km continuously from Cox's Bazar city to Badar Mokam. Inani beach is 25 km away from Cox's Bazar beach and 8-10 km south is Himachari.

History of Cox's Bazar Beach:

Every place has a history behind its name. The history of Cox's Bazar beach is known to have been disturbed in 1898 in the Arakan region of Burma (Myanmar). As a result, the Bengalis were expelled from there. These exiled Bengalis took refuge in present day Cox's Bazar, Ukhia, Gundum and other areas. At that time Captain Cox, an ambassador of the East India Company, was working at the royal court of Burma. He rushed to Cox's Bazar to supervise and distribute relief goods to the refugees under the direction of the company. At that time the whole area was full of mosquitoes and forests. 

Lack of clean water made people uninhabitable. Captain Cox felt uncomfortable in such an environment but did not leave the refugees. Rather he continues to work for them. At that time the name of this sea shore was 'Falking'. Captain Cox finally died here in 1802 and the place was named Cox's Bazar after him.

Cox's Bazar beach is one of the heart of entertainment:

Cox's Bazar, the longest beach in the world, is considered as one of the lifeblood centers of entertainment. It is one of the healthiest places in the world. There are various facilities including speed boats, beach bikes and water scooters to entertain the tourists. But recently a new dimension has been added to the entertainment at Cox’s Bazar beach. Parachutes have been launched to fly in the sky. In addition, various concerts and sports are being organized on the occasion of special days to increase the attraction of domestic and foreign tourists.

Cox's Bazar beach contributes to economic development:

In today's world tourism is a billion dollar industrial medium. Tourism is the best industry of the century and the largest industry in the world. Bangladesh is not far behind. The tourism industry is making a significant contribution to the economic development of the country. However, apart from Cox's Bazar beach, the tourism industry of Bangladesh cannot be imagined.

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