10 Topper Winter Attractive Places to Visit Out of City in Bangladesh

Attractive Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Attractive Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh with almost all the beauties of nature without the snow and sandy deserts, the beautiful greens spread around the country shake us in different seasons. It is almost impossible to ignore that beautiful nature call. Especially during the holiday season like winter, tourists want to touch the tourist attractions of the country. So let's not know about the ten popular winter travel destinations.

Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar

Bangladesh has the world's longest beach named Cox's Bazar. Winter is the busiest time of the year on the ocean floor. The cold incidence here is relatively low for marine climates. And if you want to get lost in the vastness of the ocean waves, then go to Cox's Bazar in winter. Besides, the vast road on Marine Drive has added an extra tourist attraction. Apart from Labani and Sugandha beaches, along the Marine Drive towards Teknaf, Agar will be seen in Himachari, Inani, Shamalpur, and Hajampara. One can find beautiful pagodas or temples of Buddhists, you may rent a CNG auto-rikswa or a local car and go to the police station Ramu near Cox's Bazar.

Saint Martain

saint martin's land

The only coral island in the country. An ideal place for winter travel. Locally known as coconut ginjira, the island's transportation system and seaport are favorable for winter travel, and millions of people flock here every year. From Marine Drive to Teknaf, the location of St. Martin's is about 5 km from the sea. Just a square kilometer of the island, a new definition of blue is known. Surrounded by coconut trees, blue skies and blue coral reefs are not visible anywhere in Bangladesh. The whole island is a mine of diversity. Fisherman, Shutkipara, and various day-to-day activities add a new dimension to the observation journey.

Sazek Valley

Rangamati is currently the most popular place name in the district of Sazek Valley.
Sazek Valley

Rangamati's rooftop terrace Sajek Valley is situated at a height of 6 feet above sea level. The location of Sajek is in the Rangamati district, but due to the geography, it is very easy to travel from Dighinala to Khagrachari. Sajek is such an amazing place where you can be amazed at the three types of nature on the same day. Ever felt too hot or maybe it would be soaked in the rain or your eyes would be covered in a thick mist of cloud. Sajek is an ideal place to watch the mountains and the mountains from the clouds like the natural scenery and cotton.


kuakata sea beach

If the mind wants to run across the mountains, in the mountains, then the sea girl Kuakata Waiting for you Kuakata is a special place where both sunrise and sunset can be seen from the same place. Besides, Shutki Palli, Fatara Forest, Gangamati Forest, and Red Crab Island are one of the attractions of Kuwait. Clean beaches, unspoiled beautiful beaches, horizontal sunshine, and mangrove forests give Kuakata a different dimension. Fishermen are seen on the beaches of Kuakata almost every year. You can rent a motorbike and a horse if you want on the beach.


srimangal tourist spot

Sylhet's water-filled places may not seem as attractive in winter, but the tea town Srimangal. But winter is a great place to travel. Sitting in a tea garden bungalow surrounded by tea trees, the frosty winter breeze produces the strange thrill of sitting in a hot tea cup. There is no reason for the forest lovers to wind down. The Bikka Bil's bird sanctuary or In Lauachara National Park  You do not understand when to look at biodiversity that will be spent hour after hour.


bandarban tourist places

The place that comes to mind when it comes to touching the cloud is Bandarban.  Another application was made to visit the Bandarban district in the winter. The Bandarban cloud overlooks the tourists with its rows of hills rising along the Sangu River. From the house of the indigenous Bomang king to the gold temples of the hill of Jadi, the lakes of Nilgala, Nilgiri, the cloud tourism complex, hanging bridges and small zoos, Chimbuk hills, rock falls, tribal villages, mobile market, etc. All the tourist places like Bandarban. It is unique from all places in Bangladesh.



Low on the way to the Rangamati, Madam is bad - Bad bamboo flute'. Surrounded by medals and flutes. Tribal Museum has set up its own chest to inform us about the culture, culture, and history of the tribes of Bangladesh. Near the museum is the house of the king of Chakma and the pilgrimage site of the Buddhist Rajban Vihar. But the biggest attraction of Rangamati is the hanging bridge. Countless people visit here every year to see the bridge that is famous for the symbol of Rangamati. On the banks of the Kaptai lake, there are two local markets called Reserve Bazaar and Tablachari Bazar. From here, by boat to Shubhlang Bazar, the Shubhlang falls meet. Although this fountain is not pleasant during winter, on the way you will find some famous restaurants to taste the hill's indigenous cuisine.



Not only the mountains or the sea but also the forest land for winter tourism attracts beauty lovers separately. This huge mangrove forest of nearly 5,000 square kilometers, UNESCO, is a name for heaven lovers. The Royal Bengal Tiger, Chitra Deer, Maya Deer, Crocodile, Monkey, and various species of animals are seen. There are many sights of this species, including the Kataka, Kachikhali, Hiranpoint, Kokilamani, Dobalar Char, Putney Island, and Mandar Ghar. Traveling in the dark forest at launch, stepping on the ground for fear of finding tigers in the dark, will definitely add an extra adventure to your trip.


To see the Sundarbans The district Bagerhat can be added to the travel plan. Among the ancient mosques located at Bagerhat are the historic sixty dome mosques, nine dome mosques, Zindapir mosque, Singra mosque, Ranbijapur mosque, Chunakhola mosque, and the tomb of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali. Along with ancient history, the architecture of these mosques impresses the mind.

Kutubdia Island

Kutubdia Island

The small Upazila of Cox's Bazar district did not breathe after seeing a picture of a lighthouse on a foreign postcard When you see the ruins of an ancient lighthouse, It is not known when the lighthouse, located on the north side of the island, had abandoned itself to show the way for sailors on the seafront. Yet when the water comes down during the dawn, the rest of the lighthouse wakes up and tells the story of old history. In addition to the ancient lighthouse on the island, which is 20 square kilometers in size, there are secluded beaches for spending time alone, Bangladesh's only aerospace center, a natural salt cultivation site, and the Qutub Auliya shrine. To reach the island you have to cross the Kutubdia channel from Magnama Ghat in Chakoria. The silence of the beaches of the island enclosed by Zhougach is quite attractive to dear tourists.

In addition to the above areas, suitable places to visit in winter include various charts and island areas, such as; Manpura Island and Nizhum Island. The guest arrives in this country during the winter so you can go to winter in the haor region, such as; Tanguar haor, hakaluki haor, and so on. Apart from this, you can visit the eco resorts of places like Moulvibazar or Gazipur to get the winter wonder very close to nature.

First Railway Station in Bangladesh

Jagati Railway Station in Kushtia
Jagati Railway Station in Kushtia

The story of the first railway station in Bangladesh

The first railway station in Bangladesh has been running for about 160 years. On 15 November 1862, the first train ran in what is now Bangladesh and stopped at Jagati Railway Station in Kushtia. It is 3 km away from Kushtia city.

The British built this railway station in the world of Kushtia.

The two-story station building was built with red bricks. Now, of course, this heritage-adorned station building is a kind of abandonment. 

No one went upstairs for many years due to cracks in the building. 

The waiting room, which was set up for the convenience of passengers a long time ago, has also collapsed. 

Again the bricks of the platform are broken and the masonry is eroded. 

Two large overhead water tanks were built on either side of the platform to supply water to the steam engine, which had long since been abandoned. 

In these two tanks, water was pumped from the ground by pumps running on coal engines at that time.

Jagati Railway Station in Kushtia

On 16 April 1853, the first passenger steam locomotive, built by a company called Peninsular Railway, set sail for the Indian subcontinent. 

The journey from Boribunder in Mumbai to Thane covered a distance of 34 km with 400 passengers. 

The following year, in 1854, the first railway in Bengal was started with the introduction of the 38 km railway from Howrah to Hooghly in West Bengal. 

Then on 29 September 1862, the Eastern Bengal Railway launched a broad gauge (5 feet 6 inches) railway from Sealdah in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, to Ranaghat.

The railway line from Sealdah to Ranaghat was extended in the same year to 53.11 km in the present Kushtia district (formerly Nadia). 

Then on 15 November 1862, the train started running from Sealdah in Calcutta to Jagati in Kushtia. 

The train came directly from the Gede-West Darshan border of West Bengal to Jagati, 3 km away from the present Kushtia district town.

When I searched about a year ago, there were only five officers and employees at this station. 

Among them were a station master, three poets, and a gateman. According to them, 12-13 more posts have been vacant for a long time. 

Talking to a few elderly people in the area, it is known that they have seen 20-22 employees busy day and night in their childhood. 

Jagati Bazaar has been built along with the railway station, and there are a few shops there.

There are still occasional freight trains carrying coal and stones from India. 

Once there was a lot of land in the station but now there is not much land left. 

The first station on the territory of Bangladesh has passed one by one over 156 years. 

Although this station, which is gradually being canceled due to carelessness and neglect, is not profitable for the Ministry of Railways to provide railway services, historically Jagati station has been very important. So its maintenance is also important.

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