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China’s Zhurong Rover Snaps Selfie on Mars

In a unique selfie, a freestanding camera snapped a picture of China's Zhurong rover alongside the landing platform on Mars. CNSA China's Zhurong rover gets to work exploring Mars, with a new panorama of its landing site. Images are  beginning to trickle out  of the China National Space Administration (CNSA) as its Zhurong rover explores its new home on Mars in Utopia Planitia. (The rover's name means "god of fire" in Chinese mythology, in line with the name Huoxing, or "fire planet," for ruddy-hued Mars.) Over the weekend, the mission team released an amazing panorama of the landing site: Panorama of the Utopia Planitia landing site. CNSA The safety of the flat plains of Utopia Planitia was one of the main reasons that the CNSA picked it as a landing site. Launched atop a Long March 5 rocket on  July 23, 2020 , from the Wenchang Space Center, China’s all-in-one orbiter, lander, and rover package  arrived in orbit  around Mars on February 10, 2021. This

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