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Elephant Shower in Kuala Gandah

Elephant Showier in  Kuala Gandah

Shower with Elephant at Kuala gandah 

Malaysia’s cultural heritage and wildlife on Kuala Gandah a aborigine settlement project of Malaysia, the Elephant Sanctuary, Kuala Lumpur, . You may visit a Malaysian aboriginal settlement for a day long tour from Kualalampur using a public bus or taxi, where you can learn more about the country’s indigenous history and traditions. In the afternoon, visit the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, where you can see the elephants up close and gain an insight into the center’s rescue and rehabilitation work.

Observe rare Borneo Pygmy elephants, a type of Asian elephant, at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary (National Elephant Conservation Centre) outside of Kuala Lumpur. Established in 1989 within the Krau Wildlife Reserve, the Malaysian Wildlife Society-managed sanctuary takes in elephants orphaned by poaching or logging and raises them until they can be reintroduced to the wild.

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How to get Sengen visa to travel to Europe?

Sengen Visa
Sample of Sengen Visa

Procedure to get the sengen visa to travel Europian countries

A number of European countries signed a treaty in the city of Sengen in Luxembourg in the 5th, with the aim of easing people's travel between the two countries by creating a unified region with European countries. It is said that the continuation of the agreement created the Sengen area and Sengen visa. Most areas of Europe are covered by this Senzen region and only travel with a Sengen visa for 5 days for travel or business needs.

Countries covered by Senzen Visa:

Austria, Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, France, Finland, Belgium, Malta, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland.

In all of these countries, Bangladeshis can take Sengen visas for travel or business needs. A maximum of 7 days can be stayed in Europe with a Senzen visa and the visa expiry is six months. During the visa period, the same visa can be repeatedly entered into the countries of the Senjen area, but not all can be located there for more than 5 days.

The destination must be specified when taking a visa. Bangladeshi travelers can obtain visas from diplomatic missions in Dhaka:

Embassy of France: Overseas Territory of France, Monaco and Andorra and Burkina Faso, Central Africa, Djibouti, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal, Togo are the main destinations in these countries but France must apply through the Embassy.

Czech Republic: The Czech Republic will have to contact the High Commission of the Czech Republic in Delhi for family and visitor visas.

German Embassy: To travel to Germany and Estonia, contact the German Embassy.

Italy Embassy: To travel to Italy, Greece and Malta you need to contact the Italian Embassy.

Sweden Embassy: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Latvia, Netherlands and Slovenia must be contacted to travel to the Swedish Embassy.

Switzerland Embassy: To travel to Switzerland you need to contact the Switzerland Embassy.

Embassy of Spain: To travel to Spain you must contact the Embassy of Spain.

How to apply for a visa:

Each cell must be filled in on both sides of the visa application form. The visa application is not processed if any cell is empty or incorrect information. A copy of the application form must be submitted and must be dated and signed.

Documents required with the application form:

Two recent photos taken. Photographs should be taken on a white background, black glasses or hats cannot be placed on the eyes and full face must be seen in the picture.

At the end of the journey, a passport that has a duration of at least six months must be submitted.

Clear photocopies of passport data pages should be added.

Applies to all Schengen countries and will require at least 1,000 Euro worth of health insurance.

One photocopy should be provided along with each paper copy submitted.

If a paper is in Bengali, it should be associated with English or German translation.

Papers required for a business visa:

A copy of the invitation letter sent by the company of the country to which the traveler intends to visit will be required. This invitation must be in English or German.

The traveler should submit a written letter explaining the travel requirements of the company or company from which the company is traveling. The same rule applies to the owner of the organization.

Bank account statement for the last three months.

Company Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum and Articles of Association (if applicable).

Trade license

Transaction information in and outside Bangladesh (if applicable).

Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and Child Information (if applicable).

Additional papers will be required to attend the trade fair organized by Sengen countries:

Hotel reservations and hotel addresses
Exhibit pass if stall is assigned.

Papers you will need to visit with a friend or family member:

The guarantor form signed by the person you are about to meet,

Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and Child Information (if applicable),

Hotel Booking (if applicable). E-mail print out of hotel booking confirmation is not accepted.

Personal accounting statement for at least the last three months,

Certificate of relationship with the traveler you are going to meet and
Copy of flight reservation.

Documents required for travel visa:

Hotel Booking (if applicable). E-mail print out of hotel booking confirmation is not accepted.

Details of where the traveler is traveling.

Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and Child Information (if applicable).

Personal accounting statements during at least the last three months.

For children:
A parent or legal guardian's permit must be submitted. In addition, parents or guardians must be present at the embassy in order to apply for a child visa.

Documents Required for Airport Transit Visa:

Visa of the country where the traveler is leaving after leaving the Senjen area,
Flight reservations,

For the first time all types of travel business business visa papers will be required,

Health insurance is not required for transit visas.

Required Information
Visa application forms should be submitted four to six weeks before the scheduled date of travel.

Usually within 1 business day, the Schengen visa is issued. However, it may take up to 6 weeks if the documents need verification.

Once the visa is issued, you should look at how the visa was issued at the time of collecting the passport. If there is any problem you should inform the visa counter immediately.

After submitting the fake or fraudulent passports, they are confiscated and sent to the Foreign Ministry of the Government of Bangladesh.

Not only when applying for a visa, but also when entering countries in the Senjen area, proof of financial viability is required. SenGen Visayas are not the only guarantee for entry into the SenGen area.

The equivalent of 1 euro for each visa is to be deposited as administration fee. The fee is to be paid immediately after the visa interview.

Without sending the invitation to travel to the embassy, ​​the visa applicant will have to send the invitation and he will submit the invitation along with the visa application.

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What are the best places in the Philippines? In this video I share my top 10 of this beautiful country! You’ll find a list of tours and hotels down below!

#philippines #top10 #travelphilippines


► Philippines series 2015 (Palawan, Mindoro): 
► Philippines series 2016 (Batanes, Banaue): 
► Philippines series 2017 (Palawan):
► Philippines series 2018 (Siquijor, Sipalay, Antique, Islas de Gigantes & Guimaras): 
► Philippines series 2019 (Siargao, Bohol & Boracay):

NOTE! I don’t keep prices well when traveling, and prices change over the years so I won’t be able to include them.. I am sorry!
Also: order down here is random, not to spoil the video :P
Also: there is more info about individual places in the descriptionboxes of the video’s I made about those places!

► Sleep at Guindulman Bay Tourist Inn: 
Go see:
► Waterfalls of Candijay (can-umantad falls) 
► Rice fields of Candijay 
► Lamanok island tour 
► Hike behind the hotel and see the amazing valley! Just walk the road inland from Guindulman bay tourist inn for 20 minutes or so!

I did my tour with Buhay Isla!

►Hotel: I honestly think there are so many new places, I do not dare to make a recommendation!
►Tours: Jeremy & Jake tours is the one I’d recommend! Did you know I made and organize their FB page?  Just a fun fact! I made it cause I really believe in them!

There are multiple hotels I can recommend.
►Surfing Carabao:
My favorite! 
►Ocean 101:
►Kawili: (also for food)
►Tourcompany I used and recommend is My Siargao Guide (book with them through Bravo resort). 
Other places to check out (especially if you rent your own bike):
►Pacifico, long drive but popular surf spot and beach
►Magpungko Rock pool, which is apparently very stunning when the sun is out!
►Tayangban Cave Pool
►Tak tak waterfall

►Hotel: Garden Bungalows resort (loved it!) 
►Tours I booked through the hotel. Though I would recommend getting a motorcycle and find the waterfalls, beaches and good spots all yourself!

► Sleep in Takatuka resort (featured in the video): 
►Take a tour to Danjugan Island (arranged by hotel)
►Tour the main attractions of Sipalay itself (1000 pesos half a day or 1500 whole day). Excluding fees along the way. 
Including Perth resort (infinity pool), the cave, one more resort and special places along the way. 
You can arrange this tour with Roland Dequina – or 09489358749 

Visit Sabtang, Batan and Itbayat. 
►Batan hotel: Nanay cita’s Homestay:
►Sabtang hotel: ask to stay at the lighthouse!
►Itbayat: arrive and ask for the mayor or miss Cano (when I was there these were the only homestays)
►Tours Batan: there is a northern and a southern tour on Batan. Do both of them! You can fit them in 1 day but rather take 2. 
►Tours Itbayat: do the general island tour but ALSO the sunrise tour! That one is the BEST!
►Sabtang: go for the standard half a day tour or sleep at the island and take the extended tour! :D Both are good, it depends on how much time you have. 

No recommendings for hotels. For tours: do the island tour for sure! It’s the best out here, and very close to each other. 
Also go for the caves and lighthouse if you have time to spare, otherwise just stick to the islands. 

►Sleep in Tapik Beach: 
You can do all the tours in El Nido from here, just ask at the resort. Also I’d recommend to do an island tour around Sibaltan, ask for the good corals! Mangrove tour is nice, only if you have time to spare. 

Not found a specific hotel I can recommend here. 
DEFINITELY do the ULTIMATE island tour! You’ll see the lakes and good corals, the shipwrecks and the islands. If you do Buhay Isla or an other Linapacan tour, ask what they already cover cause there might be overlap here. 
Climb mount Dalara if you’re done with islands 

Top 10 Tourist Attractions & Best Places To Visit In Philippines

Best Places To Visit In Philippines - If you are planning to travel the Philippines or you are willing to know how to travel the Philippines, Top 10 World lists Best Places in the Philippines you must visit.

Here are the best places to go to Philippines top places to visit and travel destinations.

1. MassKara Festival
2. Explore Cebu City
3. Banaue Rice Terraces
4. Boracay Island
5. White Beach at Puerto Galera 
6. Chocolate Hills
7. El Nido Philippines 
8. Legazpi City
9. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
10. Huma Island, Palawan


I did a tour that’s arranged. I believe it’s not even allowed to go around the island without a guide, but correct me if I am wrong!

It’s p1950 per head, including lunch and snacks, the boatride to the island and back to the shore. Note you’ll still need to go to the pick up point by tricycle. From Takatuka this was 300 pesos one way (so 600 back and forth). If you make friends and get into the tour together it will be cheaper ;)

Island is very small only 0.5 km wide and 1.5 kilometer long. It’s a sanctuary which means it’s not allowed to do fishing in most area’s around it, and there are a lot of places for birds to nest. With your tour you help preserving the island. 

You’ll support the island with your visit (it’s a protected area)
You can fly the drone here though!

Staying overnight on the island is possible too. In basic (very basic) huts on one side or a bit more relaxed and comforting on the other. There is no wifi, and no signal on the more relaxed place, you’ll need to walk a bit for that. 


There are basically 2 options on the island itself. One more basic (very basic) and one more luxurious. They’re on opposite sides of the island. It depends on your liking really.

The more basic place is more windy in general, and does not have a beach. I liked the more luxurious option a bit better, because it’s more chilled, there’s a beach and it feels more homey! But again, it depends on your liking and budget. 

► Just find all information on their website:

As for staying on the main land: I would highly recommend Takatuka Lodge! Love the place! Inspired on Pippi Longstocking’s tale, with a lot of weird rooms all over the place. Different themes like the cave room, superstar, rockadilly, a castle… you name it ;) It’s seriously the best hotel I’ve been in in the Philippines (and I have been to a lot I love ;) – It’s so funky and unique, the owners and staff are friendly and helpful, the food is great, they attract friendly guests, the beach is just there. AMAZING! Seriously. Go here. GO! What are you waiting for? ;)

► Find Takatuka here:


Because I stayed on Sugar Beach, there’s not much options to get out for dinner. You can’t just leave and get back after dark  I stayed at Takatuka mainly for food, and it’s good! Not cheap but a whole lot of variety, and great healthy stuff. 


►Camera | Panasonic GH5: 
►Camera | Sony RX100 MK IV: 
►Camera | Go Pro Hero 4 Silver: 
►Lens | Panasonic 12 to 35 mm: 
►Microphone | Sennheiser: 
►Light | Aladdin: 
►Stabilizer | Osmo Mobile: 
►Tripod | Joby Gorillapod: 
►Editing software | Premiere CC: 
►Computer | MacBook Pro: 

The music I use is from 

All mentioned links in this descriptionbox might be affiliated. Which means you pay nothing extra, but I get a little fee if you buy something. You support me making my videos this way


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