Photography with Natural Frame

Using objects around you to create a natural frame

When composing a photograph, there are different techniques employed. Third and dominance lines can create basic effects like rules and improve your image, as well as a technique called “natural structure”.

Creating a photo with a natural frame indicates your subject to the eye of the viewer and is a great way to add depth and dimension to the image. It is a very simple strategy to learn; What you need to know for what you know.

Understanding natural framing in photography

A natural frame is created when you frame a second object such as a tree or a door in a photo scene as it is your main subject. It's really that simple and you've probably done it yourself naturally at some point.

Photographers use natural structures all the time to add drama to a picture. 

For example:
A picture of a statue in a courtyard is more interesting if an ornately carved door is leading you into the picture.

An outdoor portrait of a bride and groom in Brando is more romantic with some autumn leaves hanging softly in the upper corners.

A floral arrangement still invites a life when it is framed by window light in the afternoon falling on the table.

A-frame can be any object, shape, or light that captures the way the rest of the image attracts viewers, draws their attention, and lets them see what you want them to see.

How to frame up your photo?

You need to practice pre-visualization to learn how to frame your picture. You need to look around your scene and figure out what can make the photo better. Just as you search for the subject of your photo, you need to find the second element that you can back up.

Good rules to follow adding a natural frame

The frames are usually in the main part and lead the viewer’s eye to the main subject behind it. However, a frame can also be a shade or shape of the wall behind your subject.

Decide whether you want the frame to cover all sides of the photo or just one or two sides. The examples of bars and leaves mentioned above are great for their intended purpose.

Decide whether you want your frame to be the sharp focus or soft and blurry. Both can be effective in different situations. Use f / stop to control field depth and achieve the desired effect.

Give your frame a distinctive shape and make sure you have it intentionally placed there. Should be visually separated from the rest of the image.

Avoid photo disguise The purpose is to make the frame stand out without a distraction from the main subject.

What are the implications for professional photography studios and the natural frames used by photographers? Did they divert your attention to the right place?

What can be used as a frame

Natural frames are found all over the world. As you begin to practice these composition techniques, you will see them around them.

Natural Frames - Trees, branches, tall grass, flowers, stones, and other elements in the natural world.

Architectural frames - windows, doors, fence posts, benches, sidewalks, and other man-made elements.

Shadow and Light Frame - Light through a window, a flashlight or street lamp, and other contrasts between shadow and light

Shape Frames - This one is really fun because it will look around to find them. For example, look through a tire swing to take a portrait or use a part of a public sculpture to structure the building behind it.

Photography with Natural Frame

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tips to selfe baz
Sunset Selfie

Things to keep in mind before taking a nice selfie

Although selfies were not taken seriously at first, it has become a current trend. Various social media is full of various selfie contests. Moreover, there is the matter of presenting oneself beautifully. So here are some tips that will make your selfie more interesting.

1. Camera selection:

The first thing that comes to mind when taking selfies is the camera. Today's smartphones have both rear and front cameras. And we choose the front camera for convenience. In this case, before choosing the front camera for taking selfies, you have to see how much power it has. If you don't have at least 2 megapixels, take a selfie with the rear camera instead of the front camera.

2. Keep an eye on the background:

Many of us take selfies and happily upload them to Facebook, but do not notice what is in our background. Your beautiful selfie can ruin the unwanted things in the background. So before taking a selfie, choose a background that will look good in the picture

3. Look at the lighting:

The surrounding lights make a huge difference in our picture, so take a look at it before taking a selfie. Never take pictures with bright light behind you. Backlight

4. Hold the camera slightly upward:

Never hold the camera down while taking a selfie. Rather take a selfie after lifting a little. This will make your eyes look beautiful, your nose will look smaller and most importantly you will get rid of a double chin.

5. Find your perfect angle:

Not all of our pictures are the same. The pictures taken from one side look the same. Before taking a selfie, find out exactly from which side the picture looks best to you

6. Smile while taking selfies:

Laughing makes any person look beautiful. So when you take a selfie, bring out your beautiful smile. The selfie was taken from the side with a smile by tilting the neck a little always looks good. Just smile

7. Do not duckface:

When I take pictures with duck faces, I think the picture will look good on us, but it doesn't. So try not to give this pose of taking pictures.

8. Look straight to the camera:

When taking pictures on the front camera, many of us look at the screen where we see ourselves. Don't make this mistake. Usually, the front cameras are located next to the mobile, so the selfies seen through the screen look horrible. When taking pictures on the front camera, look directly at the camera.

9. Here are two places to avoid when taking selfies - the mirror and washroom:

Of course, avoid these two places when taking selfies. When you take a picture while standing in front of a mirror, it turns in the opposite direction, and the image becomes blurred due to flashing in the mirror. So don't take pictures while standing in front of the mirror unless you are very incapable. And when you go to the washroom and take a selfie, keep this one line in mind: "The scene is not pleasant."

Everyone has a desire to look beautiful in the film. But men in our country are not as aware of how they look in the picture as men are. If you want to present yourself in a beautiful way in the picture, you don't have to call a professional photographer and take pictures dressed like a model. Some simple men’s poses can make your picture look good. Here are some common photo poses for men that will make you look good in the picture.

9 tips to selfie baz

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World Traveller in Budget Cost

Become a world traveller in a budget cost

The people of our country, especially the younger generation, have become extremely thirsty for travel lately. To the younger generation, travel has become a part of not only knowledge but also life. Whenever they get a chance, they go out in different directions for the purpose of travel. But it costs a lot of money to visit tourist centres. There are thousands of places of interest in the country, all of which are quite expensive to visit! But tourists are always thirsty for travel. Today's article is to quench the thirst of these travellers. In today's article, we will discuss some strategies that will reduce the cost of each of your tours by 30-60% if followed!

Plan a travelling in off-season tours

In our country, during the busy season (usually November-March), people flock to the places of interest. At this time the hotel rent, food, products are all at high prices. So plan to go on tour in the off-season without going into the full season. In hotels, you will get a seat for 1000 rupees off-season for only 500 rupees! Food or other products will be available fairly cheaply. Transportation costs at tourist destinations (boats or other vehicles) also go up and down according to the season.

Travel by train and avoid the plane as much as possible

Wherever you want to go, try to get on the train. This will reduce your transportation costs by more than half. For example, bus fare from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar is 800-900 rupees. But on the train (local train) the fare from Dhaka-Chittagong is 90 rupees and the bus fare from Chittagong-Cox's Bazar is about 200 rupees. Therefore, if you go by train, you can understand how much the fare goes down.

Must have a bargaining spirit almost everywhere in travel

Most of the traders in the tourist areas of our country are trying to deceive the new tourists. Most of the tourists are fooled by the hotel rent of the places of interest, they have no idea about the price of different products and easily charge extra money. Therefore, bargaining has to be done with a good idea about the bargain of everything. Local buses or CNG usually charge more than double the fare, so be sure to calculate the fare correctly. Don't be shy about renting or bargaining, or your money will be empty.

Whether the necessary products are in places of interest

Try your best not to buy food or other products from places of interest, parks, resorts, etc., because everything is sold at a high price in these places. You can buy the same product at less than half the price outside. For example, if you go to Cox's Bazar to buy bangles, oysters and garlands, if you need 100 rupees, you will get it in the market at 20-30 rupees.

Take the help of community tourism to reduce the travel cost

You can take the help of community tourism in remote places. Community tourism means tourism services to the locals. Although it is not available in all parts of the country, this service is available in Rangamati, Bandarban and other areas. Hotel service in all these places where 3000-4000 rupees, if you take the help of community tourism, the cost will be only 400 or 500 rupees. If you contact the indigenous people there, they will arrange for you to stay.

Travel in groups and share the cost

The cost of living and eating per person is greatly reduced when travelling in groups. For example, if the room rent for 2 people in a hotel is 1000 rupees, then the room rent for 8 people is like 2000-2500 rupees. The more people you can go with, the more you can afford. If you have very few travel companions, contact your local tourist committee. Nowadays, there are tourist committees in almost all areas, which organize tours to different parts of the country every year. They offer to travel to distant places at a very low cost. In this case, you don't have to worry about your hotel booking, food and drink arrangements, they will make all the arrangements.

Stay tuned for offers

At different times of the year, hotels offer discounts of up to 10-50% on seat bookings. There are many discounts on transportation, hotel services, etc. when travelling abroad. For this, you need to have a tourist card. Besides, nowadays tourist clubs are organizing many cheap budget tours, you can join them.

Make your journey easier with the use of technology as your travel guide

Most of us don't know the exact location of the places of interest, the roads and ghats are not so familiar, so we have to suffer in various ways! Many times due to not knowing the roads and ghats, we have to calculate the extra fare for the vehicles for a short distance. In this case, using Google Map is very helpful for us. Roads and ghats like hotels, parks, resorts, etc. are clearly given on Google Map, so there is no reason to worry even if you don't know the roads and ghats. Google Maps will take you to your destination. In addition, with the help of apps like Google Trip, Trip Advisor, etc., you will be able to know the details about the places of interest, hotels and other facilities. Proper use of technology will make your trip much more comfortable and also reduce the cost a lot.

How to travel around the world at low cost

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How travel the old capital Panam city of Bangladesh


Today I would like to share with you how one day travel to Sonargaon and Panam City at a low cost. So let's get started. Sonargaon, the capital of ancient Bengal in Narayanganj district, is also an ideal place for those who like to get closer to history and tradition. Visit this ancient place near Dhaka in one day with family or friends on holidays. 

Traveling here will be an opportunity to delve deep into history and rural heritage. In today's event we have Sonargaon history, places of interest, how to go, how to visit, cost and all the necessary information in detail. 


Sonargaon was once a glorious town in Bangladesh in terms of literature, art and culture. Known as the lost city of Bengal in 1281 AD, Panam Nagar, the Taj Mahal of Bengal, the slap in the face of the Meghna, Mayadwip and many more examples of ancient settlements. Sonargaon can be visited from Dhaka or Narayanganj district in one day. 

You can go directly to Sonargaon in your own car from Dhaka or by bus service from Gulistan. The Crafts Foundation is open to visitors from 10am to 5pm on all days of the week except Wednesdays and Thursdays. In 1975, the Zainul Abedin Foundation was founded. To enter through the gate, on the left side, you can see the beautiful house of Sardar, the beautiful terracotta workmanship, reminds you of the grandeur of the past. As you walk along the Bara Sardar's house, you can see the sculptures of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin, the floating side sculptures of Bangabandhu's historic speech, the sculptures of Zainul Abedin and the Zainul Abedin Memorial Museum. 


In the museum, around 3,000 artefacts are preserved, along with various handmade artistic and everyday products of ancient Bengal artists. By looking at each handicraft one can get an idea about the rich tradition of ancient Bengal. In addition, the museum's various galleries have wood carvings, primitive life-based patterns, and many ancient artifacts, including terracotta plaques. In addition to the museum, there is a library, a craft village, a huge shade garden, and if you wish, you can take a boat ride on the lake in the greenery or hang out in the shade of a tree. 


Short History of Panam City

Panam City is one of the 100 most destroyed historical cities in the world located at Sonargaon in Narayanganj district. Panam is the oldest city in Bengal. At one time people from rich Hindu community lived here. Was a muslin gathering business. There is not much left of that ancient city. Now there are only historical old houses to visit.


In 2006, Panam released the city on the list of seven historic ruins in the world. Panam Nagar was the capital of Bengal during the reign of Isa Khan. Big City, Khas Nagar, Panama Nagar - Of these three cities of ancient Sonargaon, Panama was the most interesting. There are many buildings here which are several centuries old, which are related to the history of the Bar Bhuiyans of Bengal. This town is located at Sonargaon, 27 km southeast of Narayanganj, very close to Dhaka. The city is spread over an area of ​​20 sq km of Sonargaon. Historically it is a very important city. It is known that a university was established here in the 1400s where famous teachers of the world used to come to teach. It is known that there was a servant market here.


There are a total of 52 colonial installations on both sides of the city of Panama. There are 31 installations on the north and 21 on the south. The architecture of the installations is a mixture of European art and Mughal art. The city of Panam was built with perfect design. In almost every house there are habitat patterns with wells. The location of canals and ponds on both sides for water supply of the city can be noticed. In addition to residential buildings, there are temples, baths, inns, court rooms, etc. There are some other structures around Panam Nagar such as Chhota Sardar Bari, Isha Khan's Toran, Nilkuthi, Banik Basti, Thakur Bari, Panam Nagar Bridge etc. There is also a nice folk art museum here.


Where to stay to travel Panam City?

The total distance of Panam Nagar from Dhaka is 27 km which is 0.5 km from Sonargaon Folk and Crafts Foundation Museum. Located to the north. Anyone can go directly to Panam Nagar by private car or microbus. And if you want to get on the bus then you have to come from Golistan on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway to the Moraparapara intersection on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. From there you have to go to Panam City by rickshaw / autorickshaw. Panam city is about 2 km from Mogadpara busstand. So anyone can go there on any kind of vehicle, including bus, minibus, baby taxi, motorcycle.


Being in the vicinity of Dhaka will allow you to return day by day, so even if you do not think to stay there. Even then, if you want to spend the night in Narayanganj, you have to come to Narayanganj Sadar and take a hotel.



How Reach the Panam City

Frequent bus services to Sonargaon operate from Dhaka, main bus stands Gulistan, Saidabad and other bus stands. Tickets may be bought on roadside counters. The price of the ticket from Gulistan bus stand is around 35/40 BDT, and the ride may take about 40 minutes, depending on the unpredictable traffic. 



Mention your destination as Mograpara. You can reach that place using bus from Dhaka (Gulistan). This will take you around 1 hour to reach at the place. You have to get down from the bus at Mograpara Crossing.From the crossing, you have to take a rickshaw, and have to tell the puller to drop you at Sonargaon. This will require 20 taka for the lift.





As the buildings are many years old, they are now quite risky, so do not climb on top of any building by disobeying the instructions. Also, don't pollute the environment by throwing garbage there.



my Photo Collection

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Give Importance to Composition:

As with all photography that you do, composition is key when taking travel photographs. Good composition can make a good photograph great. So, while placing elements, make sure you place them in such a way that they all relate to each other and speak the story that you want to tell.

Some of the compositional guidelines that you can incorporate into your travel photography are:

  • the rule of thirds,
  • negative space,
  • the rule of odds,
  • leading lines,
  • s curve,
  • patterns and textures,
  • space for movement,
  • contrast through colours
  •  light and shadows,
  • juxtaposition.

my Photo Collection

my Photo Collection

As a Photographar always Remember to:

  1. Always have the camera with you and always shoot raw
  2. Backup images daily.
  3. Carry a good lightweight travel tripod if you need them for landscapes and long exposure photographs.
  4. Including humans in landscapes can tell a story and give a sense of the scale of the place.
  5. Stay safe and keep your gear discreet and carry them in bags with no flashy labels or expensive looks.
  6. Register and insure your photography gear
  7. Post process your travel images wisely to suit the vibe of the place you are photographing
  8. Use resources like 500px, Instagram or Google images to research about places and look at the recent photos, so you get an idea of how you can photograph differently.
  9. If you want yourself in the images, for example in a landscape, manually focus where you want to be and use a timer to take self-portraits.


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Two new detections give astrophysicists a novel look at how stellar remnants pair up.

Astronomers have detected the first two convincing examples of black holes merging with neutron stars. Members of the LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA collaborations (hereafter LVK) report the discoveries in the July 1st Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Scientists detected the events during the second half of LIGO’s third observing run (called O3b), the full analysis of which is still forthcoming. O3bran from November 2019 to late March 2020. The two gravitational wave events, dubbed GW200105 and GW200115, rippled through detectors only 10 days apart, on January 5, 2020, and January 15, 2020, respectively.
Gravitational Waves Reveal Black Hole
Illustration of the gravitational waves created by a neutron star and black hole spiraling in toward each other.
Mark Myers (OzGrav /Swinburne University)

Each merger involved a fairly small black hole (less than 10 Suns in heft) paired with an object between 1½ and 2 solar masses — right in the expected range for neutron stars. Observers caught no glow from the collisions, but given that both crashes happened roughly 900 million light-years away, spotting a flash was improbable, even if one happened — and it likely didn’t: The black holes are large enough that they would have gobbled the neutron stars whole instead of ripping them into bite-size pieces.

LVK members have reported a potential black hole–neutron star smashup before, but it’s still unclear whether it’s just gunk in the data. And last summer, they also announced a puzzling collision involving either the most massive neutron star or the smallest black hole known. (The jury’s still out, but at least some astronomers lean toward black hole.) Thus in terms of confidence level, the two new events mark a first for gravitational-wave studies.

The post Gravitational Waves Reveal Black Hole–Neutron Star Mergers appeared first on Sky & Telescope.


Gravitational Waves Reveal Black Hole–Neutron Star Mergers

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What "comes off the camera" is remarkably different in astrophotography than most yphotographers expect coming from a digital camera experience.

The post Astro-Imaging: The Truth about Raw Data appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

RAW image

Processing raw data is necessary — here’s why.

Any kind of photography, be it traditional photography or astrophotography, requires you to hone two skill sets. The first type are the skills you use to take the photo itself — mastery of your equipment and understanding light, composition, and framing.

The second skill set is what you need after you image, to process the data. While this used to be a mostly mechanical (or perhaps more accurately, chemical) process, today it is digital. We could arguably call this the analog and digital components of modern photography. 


Astro-Imaging: The Truth about Raw Data

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An independent team has found additional black hole mergers in LIGO data.

Still image from a simulation of merger of two black holes of very different masses wobbling around each other in their inspiraling orbit. Redder colors represent stronger waves. This simulation matches the characteristics of GW190412, which both the LVK and IAS pipelines detected.
N. Fischer, H. Pfeiffer, A. Buonanno (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics), Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes (SXS) Collaboration

expanding pattern of waves created by black hole mergerStill image from a simulation of merger of two black holes of very different masses wobbling around each other in their inspiraling orbit. Redder colors represent stronger waves. This simulation matches the characteristics of GW190412, which both the LVK and IAS pipelines detected.

N. Fischer, H. Pfeiffer, A. Buonanno (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics), Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes (SXS) Collaboration


Before gravitational-wave discoveries, astronomers expected black holes to have masses between 5 and 50 Suns. The lower bound is a mysterious one, based on the fact that we haven’t found a bunch of these smaller black holes; it has no theoretical underpinnings. The upper limit is due to stellar physics: Stars massive enough to make a black hole between 50 and 120 solar masses won’t do so — instead, they’ll blow themselves to smithereens. (Well, probably.)

LVK detections have included a smattering of objects outside these bounds, and the IAS candidates add several more. These include GW190711_030756, the merger of a roughly 80-solar-mass black hole with an 18-solar mass one, and GW190704_104834, in which a 7-solar-mass black hole merged with a 3.2-solar-mass object (likely a black hole). 

The few low-mass objects don’t solve the mystery at low masses — it’s easier to make less massive stars, so there should be more small black holes than big ones, and there aren’t. Perhaps stars explode in a way that naturally makes remnants of at least 5 solar masses. Conversely, the beefy black holes are potentially byproducts of a previous generation of mergers, or they might indicate that fusion reactions inside stars aren’t as efficient as we think.

The IAS pipeline also spotted a candidate event that involved a big black hole spinning nearly on its head around its companion: GW190910_012619, the merger of a 34-solar-mass black hole with a 2.9-solar-mass object. “It would be so unlikely for that to come from two black holes that were together for their whole lifespan,” Olsen says. Although we’ve seen signs of misaligned spins before, this one is dramatic. It leaves no doubt that the two black holes paired up late in life. “Everybody will say, ‘Yeah, that’s probably a capture or some crazy multiple system that’s caused this.’” Notably, however, this event has one of the lowest likelihoods of being a real astrophysical signal.

Exotic events like these are key for disentangling how binary black holes form, as well as how big or small a black hole can be.

The post 10 New Merger Events in Gravitational-Wave Data appeared first on Sky & Telescope.


10 New Merger Events in Gravitational-Wave Data

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The most highested travel destination in the world

The highest travel destination in the world is Indonesia's sand.

Flights depart from Singapore for Denpasar Airport on Bali Island, Indonesia. After a few hours' journeys, the taste of liberation on Beach Bali. So Singapore airport is heavy. Jhum- shiny is all that matters. All the elements of spending time. However, he was hardly mindful. In fact, the mind is sandy. Got the window seat. As the sand approached, I looked down and saw only water and water. When I got to Denpasar, I got uptight. At the end of the water or the plane!

Bali Island is located in the middle of Asia and the continent of Indonesia. The people of Bali Island are tourist-friendly, so sincere. The tourism industry gets great importance here. Bali time is 2.5 hours ahead of Kolkata. When I got to the airport, it was one and a half in the sand. Small airport, but all arrangements are in stock. After completing all the formalities, a Balinese girl greeted with a sweet smile with flowers. This is how the Balinese tourists are welcomed.

  • The area of ​​sand is 1,212 sq km. Sand is one of the seven provinces of Indonesia.
  • Indonesia is a Muslim head but most of the Balinese people of Bali are Hindus. There are many temples here. That is why Bali is called the island of the gods or the island of peace.
  • Bali's water ride is great fun. Explore the bottom of the ocean, the coral, the world of octopus. The Marine Garden is also under the water. Swim with a skilled diver.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle rentals are available in Bali without any collateral. Only the 24-hour rent is charged in advance. Car rental is available for a total of Rs 1 lakh a day.
  • Not only Bali, but the popular dish in Indonesia is 'Nasi Goreng'. Don't miss
  • Indians do not need a visa to visit the sand for 5 days. An 'arival' visa can be obtained at the airport at a fixed cost.

Bali Fact about Topper Travel Destination

Like the other, ordinary people, former US President Barack Obama's vacation address includes the name of Indonesia's Bali Island. Joyce Rice Terrace has just visited the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. But not only because Obama has gone, but today I will tell you 5 more reasons why Indonesia might be your next travel address?

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Visiting Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Visiting Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

The weather was pretty clear that day and our next. Shining sky Within an hour I got to Kuta by taxi. Bali is the Indonesian rupiah. This coin is enough to surprise. Our taxi fare is one lakh rupees. Despite being startled, I found myself in control. 

I packed myself and ran to see the sea. The sandy Kuta beaches will be called less if they are outstanding. Impossible clean environment. The colour of the water is greenish-blue. Sand is white, like powder. Water sports on the beach. Along with water surfing, there are also surfing classes. 

The entire beach is covered with foreign women and men. Someone is bathing, some are lying in white sand. Some are reading books, others are taking turns. Everyone is enjoying the beach as their own. As evening came down, the whole atmosphere changed. 

Every light shines on the shopping malls, restaurants and other shops along the paved road. The sound of the trumpet sounded. The cooter road is not too wide. Flowers and bamboo are used very nicely here in the street or house. The house is not that high. Wooden crafts on the two sides of the street are eye-catching. Cottage night is a big nightmare. Laughing, eating and drinking, dancing and singing, the story goes on overnight. The deeper the night, the more the island lives.

Visiting Kintamani Mountain

Visiting Kintamoni Mountain

The next morning we went first but didn't. But still the mountainous area. The height is approximately four and a half feet. Mount Agung is the tallest mountain in Bali. There are live volcanoes on Mount Batur and in the mountain buffalo Batur Lake. 

On the way, Kamlalebu's garden fell. The impossible beautiful environment here. The magnificent Mount Agung looks out over the fresh black lava. Lava eruption may begin at any time. But I had lunch at a fantastic restaurant. I was watching Mount Batur for dinner.

Visiting Rice Terrace in Ubud

Visiting Rice Terrace in Ubud
But the distance from Ubud to it is 5 km. The paddy fields are very impressive in the hilly environment of Ubud. Zoom is cultivated here. Although tourism plays a key role in Bali's economy, many people are farming. And in this farming, there are significant places for rice.

Visiting Vibrant Sea Beach and Temple at Tanah lot

Visiting Tanah Lot Sea Beach and Temple
Numerous temples in Bali. But in the forefront of it is the Tanah Lot Temple. It is said that the temple was erected at Tanah lot on 7 February in order to escape the volcanic eruption. The temple was built on a huge stone in the sea. When the tide goes down much of the water during the tide, it seems as if it has risen from the sea. At the time of dawn, the temple with the base appeared. It takes a price to enter the temple. It was noon when I arrived at Tanah Lot Temple, 25 km from Ubud. I went to that temple by pouring seawater. From there, the sunset, the beautiful scenery.

Enjoying Seafood at Zimbra

Zimbaran is 12 km from Kuta. Zimbra's seafood is famous. Sitting in a restaurant under the open sky, she has an unforgettable experience of counting the waves of the ocean. Playing live music with. The cost of eating a meal in Jimbaran may be a bit high, but don't go to the sand and eat regional food, so what or how? I spent a lot of time in Jimbaran for Uluwatu.

Uluwatu Temple and Cultural Show Enjoying

Uluwatu Temple Fire Dance

Uluwatu is 25 km from Kuta and 12 km from Zimbran. Uluwatu, famous for its sunset at the southernmost tip of Bali, is like our Kanyakumari. Sunset point entrance price is 25 thousand rupees. 

You can see the sun going down from a cliff to the top of the sea. The seawater is flowing far below. Looking at it, the bones become frozen. When the horizon turns red, the sea, the mountains, the green jungle and the sunset are all a strange vanity. 

In the evening I went to see 'Kekeak Fire and Trans Dance'. It was a wonderful experience on the open stage. Without a musical tune, there can only be such a dance at a conference hall - never before. Women and men of Bali participated.

Keep mind
The area of ​​sand is 1,212 sq km. Sand is one of the seven provinces of Indonesia.
Indonesia is a Muslim head but most of the Balinese people of Bali are Hindus. There are many temples here. That is why Bali is called the island of the gods or the island of peace.
Bali's water ride is great fun. Explore the bottom of the ocean, the coral, the world of the octopus. The Marine Garden is also under the water. Swim with a skilled diver.
Motorcycle and bicycle rentals are available in Bali without any collateral. Only the 24-hour rent is charged in advance. 

Populous Jakarta

Jakarta is a city of about 1 million people, which is about 1 sq km. Whose culinary arts and culture are huge assemblies. Simon Parker describes Jakarta as writing on the pages of Telegraph Travel on the 21st.

The ancient Batavia route will take you past Dutch colonial Indonesia. On the other hand, when you enter the modern Menteng district, you will be whispering in the music room. Luxury restaurants and hotels are spread out here. The skyscraper will overlook one of the top buildings of the world-famous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Shopkeepers are catering to the huge demand of all marketers.

The largest reptile chameleon komodo

Only the largest reptiles in the world can be seen in Indonesia's Komodo, Rincon, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar islands. They look really terrifying. The toxin weighs up to 5 kilograms. Their poison is enough to kill huge animals, including humans. Commodore's poison can wreak havoc on a victim within a short time. They can also swallow large prey by snail-like stretches. When you visit these islands, you will find a view of the Jurassic Park cinema. When you see a commodore pushing himself in his chest, it may seem as if the King Kong movie has been made.

Adventure Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra maybe Indonesia's main attraction for those who enjoy the wild environment. Most tourists visit Bukit Luang's Orangutang or the northern Tankhain rainforest. The forest elephant is surrounded by huge elephants. You can think of what you have to do all day to give yourself a sip of the taste of Sumatran coffee. The tiger will meet at Kerinchi Selbat National Park. And if luck is good, Sumatran rhinoceros can be seen. Berastagi can be hiking around the volcano. You can spend some idle time at the tabernacle next to Toba Lake. You can be diving underneath the Pulau Ware. Where you can see sharks of large size whales. Mentawai Islands or Pulau Nias maybe your surfing address.

World-class diving in Indonesia

Coral Triangle is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world, with water bodies from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and the Solomon Islands. Under the water, there will be about 5 per cent of the coral that is on earth. There are 20 species of fish.

Temples and mountains of the island of Java

Temples and mountains of Indonesia

Calling it the most populous island in the world, it doesn't go wrong. Java is home to about 10 million people. But there is no reason to fear, people like Dhaka will not hesitate. Because of the size of the island is huge Java. There are 12 National Parks including UNESCO listed Uzun Kulon. There are also volcanoes like Bromo and Merapi for hiking.

Heavenly Sand Island Indonesia

In a very small part of the world, opportunities for spirituality as well as enjoyment and pleasure are found. Bali is one of those very few places. Show the devout young people will meet here again in the evening when drunk people will get drunk in front of the eyes. You will find dance songs on the corner of the street in Ubud, known as the cultural capital of the island. Besides, you will see wooden objects, silverware, clothing, paintings and sculpture shops. There is trekking next to the paddy field, to the north of the city are two volcanoes called Agung Batu. Bali Barat National Park is a sanctuary for wild deer, pigs and monkeys called macaques. If you want to dive, you can go to Menjangan Island.

Incredible hotels in Bali Indonesia

Bali is quite popular for luxury hotels. Notable among them are Four Seasons Resort in Saiyan, Alila Villas Uluwatu, Como Shambala Estate and Semenya Oberoi.

Pendant in Bali Beach Indonesia

Pendant in Bali Beach Indonesia

Millions of people go to Bali every year to see the beautiful beaches. But just 5 miles east of Bali is the little-known lamb island. The beauty of sand is exactly where you will find it. You just don't have to push the crowd. Gili islands were famous for their coral reefs, mountains, spectacular beaches and surfing. Until recently some tourists used to visit here to reduce their costs. However, lately, the popularity of Lombok is increasing. Resorts, lodges, spas etc. are being built. However, if you still visit here, you will get amazement. There are no vehicles other than bicycles and kimonos.

Kalimantan is a tribal tribe

The wild island of Borneo is popular among those who love the thrill since the Victorian era. The main attractions of the island are the rainforest, the indigenous tribes and the orangutan of the Tanjung Putin National Park.

The largest national park in Southeast Asia

Lorentz National Park is located on Papua Island, Indonesia. The size of the square is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Known as the birthplace of such a vast ecosystem, such as mangroves, rainforests, alpine tundra and equatorial glaciers. Its highest place is Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in the Himalayas and the Andes Mountains. There are 120 species of mammals and four species of birds. Most of them are locals. Most of the park's remains are still unoccupied. Therefore, scientists believe many other species of animals and birds may be found in the front.

Formerly known as Paris

Many cities are called by this name. Of these, Bandung is one of the islands of Java. Due to its cool climate, Jakarta residents come here for a holiday. Another reason for visiting the fence is its modern boutique shops and all modern installations.

The focal point of the culture

The focal point of the culture in Indonesia

Another city in Java is Yogyakarta. Which is culturally and spiritually popular. The city is known for its shadow-doll dances, concerts and art exhibitions. Here you will see Borobudur, Prambanan Hindu Temple, Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma Temple and hundreds of smaller temples around them.

The temple unlimited in Bali

It is not possible to finish the temple in a lifetime. While Borobudur and Prabhanan are the most well-known, there are hundreds of smaller temples.

The most spectacular lighthouse in the world

The 12-storey lighthouse on Lancaster Island was built by Dutchmen in 12. To get here, you must board a boat from Tanjung Keliang.


Topper Travel Destination Bali Beach Indonesia

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Bangla Lotus or Padma Flower

The Bangla Padma Flower or Lotus?

The colour of the lotus flower is basically a mixture of red, white and pink. Moreover, various species of lotus flowers can be seen. Among them are red, white and blue flowers. In almost every natural reservoir of Bangladesh, lotus flowers can be seen blooming in the waters of haors, canals and lakes.

Characteristics of the lotus flower

The flowers are 16-25 cm in diameter, solitary at the end of a long, cylindrical yellow colour. They are composed of numerous concave petals and pink, white or blue, with a bright yellow reproductive structure in the centre. Typically, these are very fragrant flowers and attract various pollinating insects responsible for the pollination process.

Where is the blue lotus flower found?

It's time to jump into the lake and plant water lilies and lotuses. So many questions in the minds of beauty lovers. Wondering where to go to meet the Padma, the queen of aquatic flowers! My favourite travel for you is the search for as many Padma Bills in Bengal.

This region is located in Akhaura Upazila, 35 km away from Brahmanbaria. A part of the bill of lakhs of lotuses of Ghagutia on the horizon is worn in India. Since the lotus is considered sacred from a religious point of view, there is a special need for lake flowers in Durga Puja. Train from Dhaka to Akhaura, from there take CNG to Ghagutia BGB camp. This place can be a great destination on a day tour.

Take a bus from Dhaka to Faridpur, then from Faridpur to Gazaria Bazar. Bill Gazaria can be seen after going some distance on Sadarpur Road. The mind will be mesmerized by the touch of innumerable white centipedes. The gentle scent of lotus in the air. But be careful about getting on the bill. Lotus thorns can burst on the body!

You will be amazed to see the picture of the bill in the Raban area of ​​Palash Upazila of Narsingdi. As far as the eye can see, only Padma and Padma. You can also choose this place as a day tour.

Those who live in Mymensingh can visit Gauripur at any time. In the Khailapuri lake of this Upazila, lotus blooms almost all year round. However, since the main season is the end of the rainy season and the beginning of autumn, now is the perfect time to travel.

The location of this region is in Gopalganj. The distance from Dhaka to Gopalganj is also not very long. But if you can stay one day and go to the bill in the morning, you will see the smile of the boiling lotus. This smile will be memorable once seen. From Dhaka to Gopalganj by bus, then to Tom by car to Karpara Bazar. A 5-minute walk from the market you will find the Dhaka Balakir Bill covered with lotus flowers.

However, there is no bill in Jhiltuli of Faridpur. There is a pond. But what will happen if there is a pond, water is not seen in thousands of Padma here. So the crowd of Padma lovers stays here. The location of this pond is in the official residence of the Civil Surgeon in Faridpur Sadar. Go to Faridpur by bus from Dhaka.

In the village of Barai in Natore, there is now a collection of lotuses. Durga Puja is coming and this lotus will be needed for its organization. So naturally not only lotus is being produced here for sale. Buyers come here from outside the district to buy the Padma. The deputy commissioner is taking steps to increase production.

Gaibandha's Saghata Upazila is full of magic and jharavarsha lakes. Blood lotus and white lotus flowers of two colours can be seen here.

Sabai Bill
The Sabai bill at Mohanpur in Rahshahi also blossomed at this time. You can go around the boat as long as you like. You can hum your favourite song to express your love on Padmapata. First, move from Dhaka to Rajshahi. If you go to Naogaon from Rajshahi Rail-gate, you will reach Mohanpur.

Ramnagar Char
Narail has to go by bus to see the Padma Fair at Ramnagar Char in Narail. Then from Narail to Ramnagar Bill.

White lotus pond
White lotus blooms in the pond of BIWTA in Barisal. It is not common to see so many white lotuses together. The red lotus is not as cheap as the white lotus. However, the lotus can be seen in this pond till July.

Wherever you go to see the lotus, you must find it first. Because of the heavy rains, many bills have sunk. The hill slopes have submerged the lotus lands of many lakes. To find out from someone if there are flowers in the bill. Flowers will be taken from the bill for worship. So travel before worship.

In which season does the lotus flower bloom?

Flowering begins in the rainy season. However, it blooms more in autumn and lasts till autumn. The beauty of the blossoming flower catches the eye. Fascinated by the form of the lotus flower in autumn, many poets have portrayed the colour of the lotus flower in different ways.

Lotus flower cultivation method at home

Whatever you don't use, use the pond water directly. ‌If you don't find it, mix mud and river soil or mixed soil. It is better to take the mother of the pond directly. Place the tuber (see photo) on top of the muddy soil and press it lightly into the soil.

Rules for planting lotus seeds

Lotus saplings can be planted in the main container in two ways. It can be planted in the ground directly under the water under the pot. Or you can put it in another small tub or pot with soil and put it under the water in a big pot with a tree. Remember that clay soil is required for water lilies and lotus trees.

Bangla Lotus or Padma Flower

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